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Accessing your Akashic Record  

Guided Meditation

The Akashic Records is a collection of information pertaining to a body of knowledge that holds your unique many life experiences. Learn how tapping into your Akashic Record can help you in your current lifetime.

Automatic Script Writing

Be Guided by Your Subconscious

Experience automatic writing as a tool for self-discovery & intuitive guidance. Through a guided imagery meditation you will have the opportunity to connect to Spirit, Source, your Higher Self, your Spirit or Angel Guides in a manner that most resonates with you. The subconscious will choose to guide the session in a certain manner always for your greater good.

​​Dream Cultivation & Interpretation

All About Your Dreams

Learn different techniques to incubate dreams on how to set an intention for something you would like to bring into your life - health, creativity, resolve conflict &/or achieving goals.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Let's Tap About It

Learn how to manage a range of emotions through psychological acupressure (Emotional Freedom Technique). A simple & powerful tool.

Intention & Vision Board

20/20 Vision

Are you feeling stuck in life? Hopeless? With no direction on what to do next? Unleash your inner creator by brainstorming & putting your ideas onto paper. Imagine it. Believe it. See it. Work on it. Enjoy it. You CAN do the things that you dream of.

​Meditation 101

Calmed & Relaxed

Meditation 101 is all about learning the basics of meditation, from setting intention, to focusing your attention within to gain benefits & learn techniques.

7 Week Chakra Series

1 Chakra a week

This 7 week course focuses on the 7 main chakras or energy centers in our bodies. Each week we will explore how each chakra plays a role in our body and how in turn our body communicates with us. At the end of the 7 week series you will have the opportunity to have a one on one Chakra Balancing session using the Chakra Points in Auriculotherapy.

What are Near Death Experiences?

Do you have personal experience

NDE’s are a unique personal experiences associated with death, dying, and body detachment. Are they dreams, nightmares, or hallucinations? Find out answers and bring your questions with you.

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