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Rocio Castellanos

Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Reiki Master & Toe Reader

(Hablo Español para mas informacion por favor comunicate conmigo atraves de correo electronico o via texto +1 520 834 7370) 


Hi! My name is Rocio Castellanos. I want to share a little bit about myself with you today. 

I enjoy working with, helping, educating, and advocating for people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Being an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner means I use many holistic tools and approaches to help my clients. I specialize in Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Transformational Change, and Self-Empowering Mind Set. I graduated from Pima Community College West Campus with an Associate's Degree in Health and Applied Sciences in 2003; I have a 12-year health background experience as a Certified Respiratory Therapist; Basic Tobacco Intervention Skills for Medical and Allied Health Professionals, as well as being a Certified COPD Specialist.

In 2018 I decided to take a leap learn Reiki and open my business (which is more my passion than work). Later on in the year I decided I wanted to add to my holistic tool box and I registered for the Integrative Healing Arts Program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I graduated as an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner with a specialty in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching.  I am also bilingual in English and Spanish.

Since I was a little girl I have been very intuitive. I have many personal experiences, ranging from down right scary to enlightening moments with my intuitive gifts. I was afraid of my gifts because I didn't understand them. 

As a child I never told anyone what was happening to me because I was afraid that I would be judged, ridiculed, made fun of, and labeled as "crazy". 

At the age of 16 I blocked myself spiritually. I committed what is known as spiritual suicide. Author & Certified Master Hypnotherapist Linda Bennett defines spiritual suicide "as a time when, on some level, a person feels so abandoned and unworthy that the deepest part of their soul cries out to the highest part of their subconscious and begs for an answer, while giving Spirit an ultimatum. 'Tell me WHY YOU are doing this to ME!' and 'I want outta here!' This internal conversation may result in the person emotionally and spiritually shutting down.'"

This is something that I did, and THANKFULLY, after years of struggling with self-acceptance I learned how to embrace, acknowledge, and accept myself and my gifts. 

I know and understand the internal struggle of what it feels like when having a personal, emotional or habitual problem prevents you from performing at your best. The same tools that I used for my own self healing, I use  and customize to guide others in their self-discovery. 

I can help you overcome obstacles and challenges as we explore your story together.

When you are ready to break free from self-limiting beliefs and unresolved emotional baggage, I guide you to focus inward to explore and understand where these deep rooted beliefs originate. I guide you to become a more flourishing version of yourself, learning how to create balance by increasing your self-awareness in a safe, non-judgmental space designed for self-empowerment, growth and overall mind, body, and spirit wellness. 

Team Collaboration

Reiki Lineage

  • Dr. Mikao Usui

  • Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

  • Madam Hawayo K. Takata

  • Iris Ishikura

  • Dr. Arthur Robertson

  • Samuel Strauss

  • Susan Zummo Rinehart

  • Mark Ruhl

  • Judy Ferrig     

  • Michelle Cardenas

  • Rocio Castellanos

Image by Jeremy Bishop
Image by Nihal Demirci

Reiki Principles

Just For Today

Reiki has 5 traditional Principles. As a Reiki Master I apply my own Reiki principles in my daily living: 

Just for Today...I am calm & at ease.

Just for Today...I am happy & serene.

Just for Today...I honor, love, & care for others as I do for myself. 

Just for Today...I am free to choose how I live my life.

Just for Today...I am the channel of divine healing energy to help those who are 

guided to work with me. 

Just for Today...

What is your "Just for Today..." How are you supporting your beliefs?

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