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Mission & Vision Statements

"Past, Present, Future Infinitely Interconnected"

Our Mission

To encourage & inspire people to take an internal dive to gain clarity, to assist them in realizing they are the key to their own success. To guide people to gain confidence, regain self- empowerment, and to help them be present to be able to move forward releasing any attachments to the past in a rewarding, caring, and loving way.

Our Vision

Our goal and main focus at Natural Inner Healing & Wellness is to empower, encourage, and support you as you venture into this life journey by providing you a safe space to share your story.  Providing you with the necessary tools to be able to successfully plan, and accomplish your desired goals by making time for yourself to take an inward journey to focus on your inner healing & overall Mind-Body-Spirit wellness.

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Ethical Code of Conduct

With an open heart and mind I invite you to leave behind any troubles, or judgments that you may have, as will I, so that we can both focus solely on you during your session. It is not my duty to change your actions or way of thinking, but know that you should feel completely comfortable in finding clarity and new awareness through our sessions. It is my honor to be present for you as I assist you in embarking on your journey to find awareness within your self in order to move forward.

  • I will provide you with the necessary tools to be able to move forward in your life.

  • I will offer services only within my scope of practice and boundaries of my capability.

  • I will treat you with dignity and respect.

  • I will only ask for pertinent information that relates to our Hypnotherapist/Coach/ Client relationship.

  • I will create a safe and open space for you to be able to communicate effectively and thoroughly.

  • I will be honest in providing feedback.   

  • I hold myself accountable for providing an exceptional, dignified, and respectful service while we are in session.

  • I can be trusted to be a reliable source for you in your inner healing journey.

  • I will be present for you (in Mind-Body-Spirit) during our sessions.

  • I will focus and center, ask potent and thought provoking questions, I will listen, acknowledge, and affirm, I will commit and follow-through.

  • You, as the client, will also be held accountable to be an active participant in your journey to self-healing.

  • I do not make any promises or guarantees to fix your current situation or any situation thereafter that arises as a result of your own decisions.

  • I respect client privacy and rights, and any matters or topics that are discussed will be maintained in strict confidentiality.**

  • I will not engage in a personal/intimate relationship outside of our Hypnotherapist/Coach/Client relationship during or after your time as my client.

  • Fees and basis of charges will be discussed clearly in advance, so that you as my client can plan accordingly.

  • I will strive to be fair, objective and non-judgmental. I will not be influenced in my decisions, actions or recommendations by issues of gender, race, religious beliefs, color, age or personal disability.

  • I will maintain by way of password protection or by lock-and-key Client records.

  • I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and/or prescription drugs.

  • Illegal substances and weapons are strictly prohibited in possession and/or use on company property or during any session.

  • I am not a medical doctor or psychiatrist, therefore, I cannot give medical advice.

** Exceptions to breaking of confidentiality relate to circumstances such as intent to seriously harm someone, including self, child abuse, thoughts or plans of suicide. If such a case were to arise then the appropriate authorities shall be notified.**

NIHW Logo.jpg


Natural Inner Healing

Please be aware the tools used and services offered at Natural Inner Healing & Wellness to assist you are not in any way, shape, or form intended as a substitute to any medical advice or medical treatment recommended by your medical personnel. I am not a Licensed Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or Medical Doctor. Please be advised that you are encouraged to seek medical assistance in case of an emergency. Always follow medical advice offered by your Medical Healthcare Providers. If you are currently under any type of medical treatment, Natural Inner Healing & Wellness is more than willing to work alongside your healthcare team for your overall wellness. 

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