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What is your s-TOE-ry

While our eyes are the window to your soul.... Our Feet Are the Doorways into our Soles...

Toe Reading is not about toe telling or predicting the future. It is a powerful healing arts tool that provides us with a deeper insight of self at a personal level and with the external world. The feet are an amazing tool that can provide soul searching clues to imbalances occurring within our body. The feet are the gateway into our personal history, our past. According to KC Miller’s book on toe reading, “our feet are the doorways to our soles”. Toe reading is the study of our paths. Toe Reading in a way reminds me of the Akashic records in the sense that our feet are the keepers of our past, our present. They tell a story, YOUR sTOEry. It is the body’s “drive”, like in a computer, all the information is stored there.


What TOE expect

During your toe reading experience you will receive a pdf along with submitted pictures of your feet. Once the toe reading is completed, we will reconnect to setup a video or audio Soul Searching Call.  Rest assured that client confidentiality is our number one priority and your pictures will not be released, uploaded on social media or any website, nor distributed to third parties. Why do we need to have pictures of your feet? In order to be able to provide you with insightful information we require that good quality pictures be submitted. The pictures of your feet should include: 

  • 1 side by side picture of your feet

  • 1 individual picture of your left foot 

  • 1 individual picture of your right foot

  • Pictures of any special markings and the underside/soles of your feet. 

The information you receive is intended to provide you with reflective thoughts and ideas that to assist in gaining more personal awareness. It is my hope that you take this experience and learn more about yourself than you did before beginning your Toe Reading journey. 

Reading includes: 

Personalized PDF sTOEry (reading)

A post Sole Searching Zoom visual call


How TOE take the picture

It is best that you are sitting down with the camera between your knees and with enough space between your feet to be able to fit both feet in the picture. Have good lighting, natural light is best! If you take a picture with the flashlight on just make sure that there is no reflection of the light on the toenails. Next, make sure that you are barefoot when taking the picture, no shoes or sandals, not even open toed shoes, completely bare feet. You don't have to "pretty" up your feet, or get a pedicure unless if you so desire. However, I honestly prefer to see your feet as they normally are on a day to day basis. And finally, I will ask if there are any interesting sTOEries that you would like to share about your feet. 

The pictures that you see on this website are my personal pictures of when I had my toes read. I also include before, during, and after pictures of my feet as they began their transformation just as I was transforming my way of thinking and being. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via message. If you call, it is best to leave a voicemail as I may be with a client in session. 


Updated Pictures of Ether/Destiny Toe

In these pictures you can see the difference in my Destiny/ Ether toenail after only a few months. This is an example of how transformation happens when we choose to acknowledge aspects of ourselves that we normally are afraid to.

Got any questions or concerns? Call or message Natural Inner Healing & Wellness today.

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