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Declutter the Mind


We are all familiar with clearing out the clutter in our homes, our work space, our closets, the kitchen. Have you ever thought to clear out the clutter from the mind. 

On a daily basis we think... think... & THINK. We are bombarded by chores & tasks that we want to do but may never actually do because of the overwhelming feeling that overcomes us. Following last month’s post about Inner vs. Outer conflict, it is this same type of conflict that arises when we attempt to clear out inner clutter. 

Personally, when I have many thoughts racing around in my mind, I give myself permission to “feel my feels” and then I take some time to myself to reflect on the tasks that I would like to take care of. After going through my wants and needs I choose what needs my immediate attention first. Then, I ask myself, “What do I need to do next?”  Figuring out what comes next can cause more turmoil within too. This is when I will use any of the following ideas to declutter my mind. 

Ways to declutter the mind: 

  1. Write down the tasks that you would like to do, then sort out what’s a priority

  2. Plan ahead, get a calendar, plan your day(s)

  3. Get your ideas organized by creating a vision board

  4. Check out to organize “cards” into lists—tasks, notes, projects

  5. Carry a small note pad & pen with you to write ideas down

  6. Meditate

  7. Practice breath work

  8. Color, draw, scribble

  9. Take a walk/ sit outside

  10. Exercise

  11. Sleep/ rest 

  12. Practice Yoga 

  13. Read

  14. Practice self-healing tools like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) 

  15. Get a massage

  16. Learn something new

Any and all of these practices are ways that I declutter my mind when I feel overwhelmed. What works for me may not work for everyone, however, once you know or have an idea of the things that work for you, I invite you to apply them to help yourself clear out the clutter. 

To “do things one day at a time” is something that overtime will become a natural part of your daily practices. You will find yourself releasing self-limiting beliefs around things that really aren’t “that important” and you will find time to do things that are worth your while. Start each day with just one task completed and your inner conflict will ease up as you acknowledge your thoughts and feelings. 

Remember, by deciding to take more conscious control of our state of mind, we are better equipped to create outcomes we desire, prompting us to have more control over our life experience in any given moment. 

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