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What gives your life a sense of purpose? 

A few months ago I learned a new word. IKIGAI. It’s a Japanese concept meaning “reason for being”. 

A few aspects in our life intertwine and come together at the center, where Ikigai represents the point in your life in which all these aspects intersect with one another. 

Which characteristics are the ones that represent your Ikigai? 

It comes down to four main aspects. 

1. What you love (your passion)

2. What you are good at (your mission)

3. What the World needs (your vocation)

4. What you can be paid for (your profession)

It is your passion, your mission, your craft and calling that intertwine to give meaning to your life. 

You may be wondering if you have these characteristics in your life.

If you are working for a company other than yourself, you might be thinking that this doesn’t apply to you. However, allow me to share a tiny piece of enlightenment. This applies to EVERYONE, whether you are an Entrepreneur, Someone’s Boss, The CEO of a well renowned company, an Employee, or a Stay at home Parent. 


We all have a reason for being. 

I invite you to reflect upon what you love, what is your passion? 

What enables you to get up every morning? 

What is the motor that propels you to continue? 

This could even be who you love

Why not put yourself in this category? 


What are you good at? 

Name, write down, think of a few things that you know you are good at. 

Do you play sports, are you good at sketching, drawing, painting. Are you artistic, creative, are you more of a logic, puzzle or problem solving person? 


What the World needs.

Are you unsure of what the World needs? Think of the World as a person. What does a person need to survive, to continue, to be healthy, to be happy, to feel connected? Answer these questions as if you were responding for you and you’ll find an answer.Yes, while we all need different things, we are all connected as One. 

What you can be paid for.

What do you currently do? Do you have a hobby that can be transformed into a source of income? If you are employed, where you work you get paid for doing a job. Is this something that you could be doing on your own? How can you transform any and all of the things that you do into something profitable for you? How are you getting paid? Is it money, is it with love, is it through the trade of goods, or services? 


Why is Ikigai important anyway? 

It all comes down to being fulfilled and finding meaning in this life. The things that we do that makes us be better for ourselves in turn, makes us be better towards others. Use your creativity, explore your inner wisdom, unleash the magic within. Go out there and slay dragons! 

Your 'ikigai' is the point where a number of aspects come together, namely what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and what you can be paid for. It is where your passion, mission, craft and calling intersect. The basis for finding your 'ikigai' is usually an extensive search for yourself.

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